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We are offering best and final non-negotiable Ex-Work price for Cashewnuts
including tin and box packing as 240 Grade, 320 Grade, 450 Grade, JH Grade,
JKGrade, SW Grade , LWP Grade
, Minimum order 10 kg to tons. Kind perusal
GST 5 % and transport charges are Extra charge. Interested and genuine buyers
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Cashew Grades

Cashew kernels are graded based on shape, size, and color, resulting in categories like white and scorched wholes, splits, and butts. Only a few commonly available grades are traded in the market. Let’s explore these grades:


Known as the “King of Cashew,” these kernels are larger in size and come with a higher price tag.

Referred to as “Jumbo” nuts, these cashew kernels are popular among consumers.


This grade stands out with its attractive appearance and reasonable price point.


Among all cashew kernel grades, W320 is the most widely preferred and readily available worldwide.

These small and affordable kernels are popular with budget-conscious buyers among the white whole grades.


Split cashews are partially split into halves, either naturally or intentionally, and are used in cooking and baking

Butts are smaller, irregular cashew kernels suitable for consumption and commonly used in cooking

Baby bits

Baby bits refers to broken or damaged cashew kernels, unsuitable for direct consumption but used in processed products.

Discover cashews:
uses and qualities

Nutrition powerhouse: Cashews excel with healthy fats, plant-based protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Delightful Snacks: Standalone snack, delightful crunch, explosion of flavors. Raw, roasted, or infused with chili, cinnamon, or honey, they’re irresistible.

Textural Marvels: Cashews enhance recipes with delightful texture, adding crunch and flair.

Creamy Dairy Alternatives: Dairy-free versatility. Soak, blend for creamy cashew milk in smoothies, coffee, or cereal.

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